Our team can help your dreams and ideas come to life! If you have a plan created by you or another company, we can help carry it out to it’s landscaping perfection. If you are looking for ideas, we are here to help create. Romero Landscaping can be involved from the beginning to the end or anywhere in between.
Construction – With many years in construction, we can build your water feature, fire pit, garden spaces, etc.

Lawn Maintenance

Our team of professionals take great care to provide a high level maintenance service. Whether we’ve been entrusted to mow, weed, or provide any general maintenance. We will be there for every single one of your needs.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization, grub control, pre-emergent and weed control. We have many different programs to suit whatever needs you may have. Our most popular option includes 6 fertilizer applications, pre-emergent for optimum weed control, as well as a grub treatment.
Tree and Shrub Spraying – Insect and disease control for your outdoor space to keep your plant material disease and pest free.


Our certified Arborist can help with any and all of your pruning needs. From basic pruning to detailed shaping of your shrubs, we can help!
Pest Control – Romero Landscaping provides both interior and exterior pest control. All services are provided by certified applicators. Our technicians pride themselves on being both knowledgeable and professional.

Tree Removal

Romero Landscaping prides themselves on being able to remove all the toughest trees. Not only will we be able to take out that pesky tree that is in your way of your dream landscape, we are able to repair the area to make it look as if the tree had never existed in there before. what are you waiting for? Call us up!

Water Feature Design and Construction

We pride ourselves on providing water features what look and feel natural. The trick to a gorgeous water feature is paying closee attention not only to the placement but using the correct materials. Let us help you design and build a water feature that looks as if the property were built around it. We as well provide an irrigation installation and repair service – Romero Landscaping’s irrigation technicians can help design and install your irrigation system correctly. Whether you need drip systems for your beds or gardens or standard irrigation for turf areas, we can help. We also provides service work on existing systems, timers, stop/wastes and backflow preventers.

Seasonal Lighting

Our team can help with all types of lighting. While Christmas lights are our most popular option, we also install seasonal lighting geared towards the other holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. We also install wreaths, garland and any other seasonal decoration.

Landscaping Lighting

Let us help you light up that beautiful landscape so it can be seen and enjoyed at night as well as during the day. Many companies install landscape lighting but few have the expertise to truly make your outdoor elements glow!
Hauling – Romero Landscaping provides a full gamut of hauling services. We deliver topsoil, gravel, road base, decorative rock, bark and more. Give us a call today for a price on delivery as well as a list of available products.